That is the first time I have ever won "Best Business Landscape Award!"-Ed, business owner from San Antonio, TX
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What is Landsculpting?
Your lawn is our canvas
Henry David Thoreau once said, "The world is but a canvas to the imagination." This is how we approach landscaping. In a sense, we seek to redefine how most people view landscaping. That's why, at LaField Lawn & Landscape, we like to use the term "Landsculpting".

Organic principles
Each landscape is a sculpture made up of more than colorful plants and rocks. Our designs are a physical representation of who you are and the organic design principles we embrace. A great example of this is when we include a dry creek bed for rainwater harvesting. This can be done in a way that suits your tastes, but will also have a positive impact on your property's ecosystem. We will also use many Texas native plants for minimal care and natural resistance to drought, pests, and disease. We have on our staff a licensed landscape architect (A&M graduate) and landscape designers to form a team of professionals to meet your needs.

Landsculpting Design Principles
An excellent landsculpting company knows that a well designed landscape will accomplish the following:
  • Conserve and Protect Water Quality
  • Nurture the Soil
  • Protect and Maintain Wildlife
  • Provide Control Measures Against Harmful Wildlife
  • Bring a Sense of Peace and Well-being